Monday, May 6, 2019

The Krystyna Campbell-Pretty Fashion Gift Exhibition

Time is flying and I realised I have neglected my blog.  So I thought I would talk about an exhibition that is currently showing at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). 

Krystyna Campbell-Pretty supported the NGV back in 2015 to purchase a collection of amazing garments, collected by haute couturier Dominique Sirop,  from the 1890s through to the 1970s. The collection totalled of 130 pieces, designed by such famous designers, Worth, Chanel, McQueen, Balenciaga and Schiaparelli.  And even Laurent and Dior. 

Krystyna Campbell-Pretty helped the NGV with this acquisition of this collection, 
in the honour of her late husband, Harold Campbell-Pretty. 

When I visited this exhibition with a friend, we made the mistake of starting at the end of the exhibition. It turned out to be the correct decision, because we were seeing the garments in the chronically order, backwards.  So it felt like one was travelling back in time.  

The Exhibition is displayed amongst the permanent artefacts at the NGV.  It's an interesting way of displaying the garments, but it makes one aware of the other objects in the NGV collection. 

The exhibition begins in the 1890s.  I got such a thrill, seeing garments designed by the Worth clan. It was such a treat to see the details in these Worth garments up and close. 

Right:  Worth, Paris (couture house)
Jean-Philippe Worth (designer)
Day dress c1895

Felix, Paris (couture house)
Auguste Poussincau (designer)
Emile Poussincau (designer)
Dinner dress (1889)

Boue Socurs, Paris (couture house)
Madame Sylvie Montegut (designer)
Baroone Jeanne d'Etreillis (designer)
Romance, robe de style 1925 Autumn - Winter 1925 -26

Both garments
Worth, Paris (couture house)
Jean-Philippe Worth (designer)
Evening Dress c1912


Pierre Cardin, Paris (couture house)
Pierre Cardin (designer)
Dress 1969 spring-summer 1969

Alexander McQueen (designer)

Alexander McQueen (designer)

It is really worth visiting this amazing exhibition.  These photos are just a small selection of what to see.  I'm hoping to visit again, before it is packed away.

The Krystyna Campbell-Pretty Fashion Gift Exhibition
1st March - 14th July 2019
National Gallery of Victoria
180 St. Kilda Street
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Tickets: Free
Level 2