Sunday, December 18, 2016

Year in Review: Costuming in 2016

I still consider myself very new to the historical costuming scene.  2016 was the year that I leapt forward in my skills and knowledge.  I'm now understanding patterns but I still have to learn about detail and choices of fabric, to make the garment look a little more authentic. 

Regency Day Dress

First costume for 2016 was a new Regency day time dress for
The Melbourne Regency Picnic held in March this year.  
I used my trusty old Sense & Sensibility Pattern, which never lets me down

The fabric for this day dress was cotton shirt fabric, it had a small tartan pattern which unfortunately doesn't really show up in photos.  It was great fabric, but it tended to fly up a lot, if there was a gust of wind. 

As you can see I tried to have a little detail in the sleeves, not sure if it looked quite right. 

Edwardian Apron

I really enjoyed making this pattern.  Inserting the ruffles was a little tricky at first, but I finally got my head around it.  Also another first, was sewing pin tucks. Time consuming, but looks great when they are finished. 

I used the Butterick B6229 Making History Pattern, which I purchased from my local sewing store. 

Oh I ended up making another Edwardian Apron for a friend. She had purchased this beautiful cotton, which looked and felt vintage.  That was a treat to see her wearing that one. 

Regency Evening Dress

Another Sense and Sensibility Pattern, but this time for a cross over dress.  This dress was loosely based on this plate I spotted. I feel it was really the colour that influenced me more than anything. As you can see I learn't how to make some ribbon trim for the base, which was fun.  I also started to make more of an effort for my hair, with a proper hair style and a feather.  

Victorian Bustle Day Dress

This outfit was a big challenge for me, because there were so many components to this outfit.  Yes I had already completed the skirt the year before, but I knew I had to make a Victorian bodice.  It was so time consuming, but it turned out really well.  
I didn't mean to, but a few people said, your wearing the Suffragette's colours, which I found amusing. 

Now that I have made my first Victorian bodice I feel more comfortable in tackling another Victorian bustle some time. 


Edwardian Evening Dress

Lastly for 2016, was an Edwardian evening dress, 
which was to be worn at the Titanic Theme Restaurant in Williamstown.  

I used Butterick B6190 History pattern. 

I didn't enjoy making this dress, I had never sewn with satin before. Urg, never again if I can help it. 

So 2017, what will you bring me now?

- Finish Edwardian Corset
- Edwardian Bathers
- Regency Day Dress
- Military Uniform
- Ball Gown for June Ball
- Victorian Bustle?
- Dr Who costume?

It will be interesting to see what is completed. 


  1. Amazing. Love your work. You have accomplished so much

  2. You've come a long way, my friend. And so with you on satin, although I hear spray starch helps.