Wednesday, August 31, 2016

High Tea at Mamor Chocolates & High Tea Szalon

The rep for the Australian Costumers Guild organised a High Tea, Victorian and Edwardian attire was to be worn. 

Mamor Chocolates & High Tea Szalon is a perfect venue, with it's richly painted walls, luxuriant furniture covered in richly fabrics.  The 3 course menu for the High Tea was very yummy. There was savoury, sweet and then a dessert.  One didn't leave unsatisfied.  

I wore a Victorian purple and green outfit.  I was quite pleased how it turned out, seeing it was the first one I had created.  I must admit I think I have the bustle bug.  Looking forward to creating the next one!

Everyone's costumes were divine, with a huge variety of colours, textures and fabric.  The costumes are beautiful to wear, but are not practical for cars!  

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