Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pattern Review - Kannik's Korner / Man's Shirt 1790 - 1830

I loved seeing the beautiful picnics in the movie 'Emma' (1996) and 'Sense & Sensibility' (1995). After much thought I decided many months ago I wanted to hold a Regency picnic and then the picnic to be held annually.

So before a picnic is to be held, one needs garments!  Dr. G, my husband needs a full Regency ensemble.  So to start at the beginning and the easiest of the patterns - the regency shirt. I'm not an experienced costumer, so this Kannik's Korner Regency Shirt was perfect to begin with.

The Pattern

Kannik's Korner  Pattern KK-4102 ©1996
Man's Shirt 1790 - 1830
First Quarter of the 19th Century - English Style

The 16 page instruction booklet explains in utmost detail what materials one needs, diagrams explaining how to layout the pattern on the fabric, also a complete step by step instructions on how to construct the shirt.  

I was really pleased how the instructions and illustrations were clear and understandable.  At the back of the booklet there are instructions on plain sewing techniques, for example a running stitch, back-stitch and over-handing.  I constructed this Regency Shirt by hand-sewing, and I must say it was a real joy and I have a more respect and understanding of historical garments 

Overall I was very pleased how this pattern turned our.  My husband said it is very comfortable to wear.  I rate this pattern 9/10.  

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